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    Huangshan is a mountain range in eastern China popular with landscape photographers. It's also called 'The Yellow Mountains'.


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    Popular Huangshan photo tours


    3 Day

    Pushed for Time

    1/2 + 1 Days & Night on Top + 1/2


    If arriving mid-day to early in the afternoon, you could visit an ancient village. Day 2 You ascend Huangshan by cable car and be exploring on top by about mid-day, enjoying the afternoon light and sunset. Spend 1 night on a mountain hotel to capture sunrise the next morning, before descending for your afternoon or evening departure from Huangshan.



    3 Day Huangshan Photo Tour


    4 Day

    Best Seller

    1/2 + 2 Days & Night on Top + 1/2


    Arriving mid-day to early afternoon, pick up and visit an ancient village. Day 2 Huangshan ascension by mid-day, afternoon light, and sunset, overnight on the mountain. Day 3 sunrise, long hiking during the day, sunset. Day 4 Sunrise before making your way down the mountain for afternoon/evening departure from Huangshan. You'll need to be fit to cover all of this.



    4 Day Huangshan Photo Tour


    5 Day

    Time for Weather

    1/2 + 3 Days & Night on Top + 1/2


    Arriving mid-day to early afternoon, pick up and visit an ancient village. Day 2 Huangshan ascension by mid-day, afternoon light, and sunset, overnight on the mountain. Day 3 sunrise, long hiking during the day, sunset. Day 4 sunrise, hiking during the day, sunset. Day 5 Last day sunrise before making your way down the mountain for afternoon/evening departure from Huangshan.



    5 Day Huangshan Photo Tour

  • Best Time to Visit Huangshan

    How Long to Visit


    How long do you need to visit Huangshan?

    To visit Huangshan you'll need at an absolute minimum of two and a half days to three days. Realistically, to photograph Huangshan you will need at least 3 full days to avoid feeling robbed of shots, and to hike and shoot the most beautiful hiking path. You'll need 4 days to have two sunsets and two sunrises, with more time to hike the mountain paths at a more reasonable pace.


    70% of photographers traveling with us choose our 4-day service. Since the area is about landscape photography (not people and tribes) we have found our Top 3 itinerary designs work really well.


    The best time to visit Huangshan

    As with all landscape photography each month has its own pros and cons, so here's a concise guide to Huangshan photography season by season. We've included some of our own and previous travelers photos to show you the photography potential of each season.


    Snow & Sea of Cloud
    Yellow Canola Flowers


    Winter means the expensive mountain top hotels are cheaper, ther're fewer Chinese tourists compared to April to October. There is a high chance of the sea of cloud.




    We love winter, but the downside is it is very cold, and the West Sea Canyon Trail is always closed during winter. One or two closed paths are not a bad thing, because in winter you'll need to walk slower at times because of icy paths. At times you'll need to put on spikes that stretch onto your shoes. The end of winter (typically late January to the 1st week of March) offers the chance to photograph the beautiful yellow Canola flowers surrounding the ancient villages in the area. The Hui style white buildings, with their black roofs, are probably China's most iconic architectural style, as seen in ancient Chinese art.


    Winter Photos of Huangshan >



    Rain, Mist, Sun, and the Sea of Cloud


    Huangshan in spring has unstable weather, which means you roll the dice, but it's the changes that can deliver the most beautiful shots. Mist, rain, fog, and the sea of cloud.




    Spring offers everything from sun, rain, mist, thick fog, and the sea of cloud, because spring has many cold-warm shifts. From the end of March to May (on days after rain) when we have a high temperature difference between night and day, or when the wind changes from a cold northerly to a warm southerly, you can have a wonderful sea of cloud. Spring is good as long as you don't have a particular image goal in mind. You need to be someone that can roll with the weather and adapt, maybe to ethereal, black and white, long exposures, run a time-lapse of a peak in the mist, or can accept a bad fogged-in day.


    Spring Photos of Huangshan >



    Dramatic Sunsets
    Sea of Cloud


    Summer is hot and is a popular time to travel for Chinese domestic tourists. July and August are most popular because the weather's nice and the schools are out.



    Summer can offer more stable weather, you are less likely to experience a complete day in the cloud or fog, mist, or a day of rain, but you can still get beautiful sea of clouds following rainy days or days with temperature differences which cause the cloud-base to lower under the mountain peaks, prior to sunrise. Hotels do book up fast. If you have a clear image goal in your mind of a sunset shot with color, mountains, no rain, and being forced to shift your photography towards misty isolated trees, would be a distant second best, this time of the year might be best.


    Summer Photos of Huangshan >


    Some Autumn Color
    Comfortable Weather


    Autumn has yellows and reds at times, but it is not Canada ;) Autumn weather is comfortable, there is less rain, and the shift to cooler weather can develop a sea of cloud or haze.




    Autumn can be especially beautiful if there's a cold spell and very light dusting of snow in late October to early November. There are autumn colours but it's typically not as intense as expected.  Avoid October 1-7 national holiday at all cost. Google image search 'Great Wall October 1st' and you'll understand why to avoid traveling in China over this time. September to Early November is a good time to travel in China, the weather is comfortable and also beautiful Guilin has it's golden rice fields. If you're planning a China photography tour in autumn the whole of China is your oyster!


    Autumn Photos of Huangshan >



    If you plan to visit Huangshan solo, without a guide, why not get your planning off to a flying start with Andy's Huangshan Photography Guide Book, designed to help you plan a successful trip.


    Written by Chinese speaking British photographer Andy Beales. This super helpful 10,000 word book is an excellent resource for any level of photographer planning to visit Huangshan China.


    A few years back Andy set out to write the first Huangshan Photography Guidebook to help you plan and to give you the confidence to go solo. The book is unbiased and offers insider tips, and useful advice, to help fellow photographers of all levels plan a self-guided photo tour.


    The book offers advice to help you decide when to go, what to take, which hotels to avoid, which hotels are closest to the sunset/sunrise locations, and which are closest to the cable car.


    Andy suggests specific hiking routes on Huangshan and offers an overview of the best ancient villages to visit on your arrival and departure days.


    Learn the top sunrise and sunset locations on Huangshan, how early you need to arrive to get a spot, the best place to capture panoramas, and how to read the weather to get the best possible chance of seeing the sea-of-cloud.



    Due for eBook release on Kindle & iBooks 31/01/2019

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