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Best hotel on Huangshan mountain top for location and quality

Mountain top hotels with the best location, service, and beds.

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Best Hotel on the Top of Huangshan

The short answer is Beihai Hotel within the older dated rooms in the main building. Strange to pick the old rooms right? Especially since it's price is the same as the top hotel Xihai. Here's why I recommend this...

If you were looking online at the nicer looking rooms you'll end up with a hard bed. It's better to select the dated and utilitarian rooms because they have just replaced all the beds (written Spring 2018), giving you a 4 star western bed nearer to the best sunrise locations, not to mention a restaurant with about 10 dishes foreigners like, compared to the three dishes at the Xihai Hotel.

Hotels near to Sunrise and Sunset Locations

Sunrise Locations
Sunset Locations

Best for Location and Price Balance


Location Lowest Price Private Room with on-suite, but with Chinese Hard Beds


Location with Acceptable Comfort with more choice of food for western tastes.


Best Hotel for Comfort with less choice of food for western tastes.

Nearest Hotel to the Cable Car

If you've got any knee, back or health issues, or traveling with soneone who is elderly, and need the closest hotel to the cable car, here's the best options for the least walking.

If the person can walk 45 minutes up good regular steps with a handrail, taking in the view along the way, we suggest staying at Beihai Hotel and going up the Yungu cable car, as there are less tourists and mega phones and of course it is beautiful.The path is good, the views are beautiful and you can walk back the same way the next day in different light.

If you really need to keep walking to an absolute minimum, there is a lower class hotel on a more touristy part on the other side of the mountain, Baiyun. This is right next to the cable car, and that sunrise location (Bright Peak) with be full of hundreds of people in the morning. That area is very popular with the Chinese groups, but is a wise choice if you really need to walk as little as possible.

There are sedan chairs that can be arranged via the government tourism office through our team at cost price. The cost depends on the weight of the client, 2 or 4 people being required to carry you, the distance and time of day. Typically you are looking at 800-1000 CNY for the service.

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